Jewelry Auction

Auction Rules

  • Must complete auction form completely to make a bid (see complete auction form)
  • Auction payment at event is to be made with cash or check only
  • At auction closing time, winning and/or interested bidders must attend the ADA Birthday Bash event to make auction payment
  • If highest bidder is not present at the event, next highest bidder will be called and etc…

Hand-made jewelry designed by a local artisan from Chapel Hill, NC

Materials used: Most are combinations of sterling silver, wood beads, glass beads, semi-precious stones.

Complete auction form:

  • e-mail to
  • Give name, address and phone number
  • Specify which item/s you would like to bid on
  • Specify bid amount/s

For questions and/or concerns e-mail or call 919-245-4337

                               Harbor Gray Earrings & Necklace

Earrings Necklace                             

                                           Starting Bid: $32

                     Peace & Joy Bracelet                                 Pecan Earrings

 Necklace Earrings

Starting Bid: $20                                                  Starting Bid: $24

                  Sage Scarlet Bracelet                             Blue – Silver Heart Bracelet

Necklace Earrings

Starting Bid: $20                                               Starting Bid: $20

                                           Aqua Bracelet & Earrings

Necklace Earrings

                                            Starting Bid: $45