Here are some sample questions which may have plagued you in the past; but, now, you needn’t look any farther. This section is always under construction, as new queries will, no doubt, arise with time.

  1. Question: What does it take to become a DAC member?
    : Interest and commitment to disability issues. Whether you have a disability, a friend or family member with challenges, or are a service provider or employer of a disabled person or persons, you have a place in our family. As long as you have a demonstrable interest and a desire to be involved, we are here for you.
  2. Question: Is DAC a counseling service?
    : No. DAC does not provide direct counseling services. We may, however, be able to point you to support services.
  3. Question: Can I speak confidentially with DAC?
    : Yes. There is a select group of contacts who are prepared to answer your questions. You can leave a message via the information provided below.


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