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Triangle Disability Awareness Council Employment Application

  • This application requests some general information based on your interest in applying for a position of the Board of Directors or a position with the Disability Awareness Council. Membership fee: $15.00 (disabled) $25.00 Professional (non disabled) $150 group

  •   Internship
      Board of OCDAC
      Programs Committee
      Publicity Committee
      Finance and Development Committee
      Community ACCESS Committee
      Membership & Outreach Committee
      Volunteer to work in office or special events
  •   Appointment
      Volunteer Only

  • In order to consider this application and to protect OCDAC from any possible legal problems, this personal information is required: NOTE: This information will not be included with the rest of the application for review by the Board. This information will be confidential and reviewed only by legal counsel or another designated person and only will be reported to the Executive Committee of the Board by legal counsel on a need to know and in as limited a factual manner as is possible)
  • I affirm that the above stated confidential information is true to the best of knowledge and agree that if I have purposely not provided truthful information above the Executive Board of the Council has authority to remove me from the Board or any other position I have with the Orange County Disability Council.