ADA Blog: From ADA to Here 28 Years Later
by Dr. Timothy Miles


What have we really achieved in 28 years of far-reaching fights for
legislation that secures our rights to equal access to all goods and
serviceslike those enjoyed by our nondisabled counterparts? Sure, we
see a few stores with automatic doors to allow us in to shop, but how
do we maneuver a wheelchair through a narrow aisle? How do we navigate
an aisle with misplaced goods, ladders, utility carts and stacks of
boxes that drastically alter our pathway of travel? Some of these
places are still unwilling to provide a personal shopper, which leaves
us to either fend for ourselves or to purchase expensive equipment or
phone applications that will assist us with shopping.
Why do we still have to worry about how we will be assisted by a
service provider if the receptionist doesn’t acknowledge that we are
standing there? How about the times when you need to fill out forms
before you are seen and they say “we don’t do that” or “we’re not able
to take the time out to assist you” or “can’t you bring someone with
you?” Some of us will just choose to take our business elsewhere.
Others of us, however are compelled to sit.